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To empower property developers, owners & brokers to sell their property faster using advanced technology

We believe this is the much needed paradigm shift that unlocks the next value reserve that is fast approaching them, the next generation of home buyers. They demand an experience that meets them where rest of their life is, at their fingertips, in the digital & the physical world!

Meet the Team

Samudragupta Talukdar Founder Director Relata
Founder & CEO
Ex - Xerox, Iron Mountain
A visionary sales guy with an intimate understanding of sales across industries, across the international markets, and an impressive grasp of technology and its use. Cognilements was born out of his passion to augment and improve sales and business functions of enterprises & small businesses with technology. Equipped with an eventful techno-sales career in Fortune 500 companies, Samudra leads market strategy, dabbles in sales, and mentors the client servicing and operations functions with a keen focus on driving results through a combination of processes, business tools, and parties!
Akshay Khochikar Director Relata
Co-founder & CIO
IIT Guwahati
A passionate technocrat from IIT Guwahati, Akshay is an enthusiastic tech entrepreneur with vision for building future tech solutions and a polymath with varied interests across tech, design, music, movies, and arts. He is the product visionary driving the design & technology offerings and innovative solutions in Cognilements and leads innovation and product strategy while dabbling in product design, marketing, and fun meetings!
Sachin Aglave Director Relata
Co-founder & CTO
IIT Guwahati, Ex-Goldman & Sachs
Sachin is the technoid column of Cognilements. With an eventful career spanning distinguished organizations including Goldman Sachs, his wisdom and expertise have been pivotal to shaping our products. He is eager to resolve complications and never stops growing, learning and evolving to stay up to date with the latest technology. Innovation & Development are his two key mantras. He has magnificent time management skills and always keeps customers' best interests at heart
Sukumar Das Director Relata
Co-founder & COO
IIT Guwahati
Sukumar is a far-sighted Chief Client Servicing Officer who graduated from IIT Guwahati. They say the key to a successful business is their ability to understand the customer. Sukumar is Cognilements' key in that perception. He consistently ensures flawless delivery of projects to our clients. He is a team player and never accepts credit for himself. And he makes sure people working with him grasp something new daily.


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Sudhir Kadam
Sudhir Kadam
IIT Kharagpur
Mr. Sudhir is an Advisory Council Member at Havard Business Review having been especially known for Startup Venture Building, Growth Acceleration, Corporate Innovation, and Exit Strategy. His expertise in transforming startups from early adoption into the growth stage through marketplace differentiation and growth trajectory alignment, to scale them into thriving businesses and rewarding exits helps Cognilements for the best in every way possible. He has networked in global startup ecosystems across the world!

Ketan Kulkarni
Ketan Kulkarni
Aquarius Global
Ketan Kulkarni is a luminary in the global business landscape, with a diverse portfolio in media, real estate, and trade exhibitions. As the founder of Aquarius Global, he has led over 400 groundbreaking business expositions, establishing the company as a titan. His strategic acumen and innovative leadership have made him an indispensable advisor in steering strategic alliances for Relata. Kulkarni's expertise and network are not just influential—they're transformative, marking him as a pivotal figure for business success.

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