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integrate the power of relata with your current processes to accelerate a conversion from "LEAD" to a "Closed DEAL"


Owners & Operators

Digitize your communities including amenities and apartment units to provide immersive experience to all floor plans to your prospective renters and streamline the leasing process, by integrating with your other tech platforms. This way you will be able to better market your communities to increase the number of leads and qualify and convert them quickly.

  • Limited ability to showcase properties
    Traditional methods of showcasing properties, such as open houses and property tours, may not always be feasible or effective. This can limit the ability of property owners and agents to showcase properties to potential buyers.

  • Traditional visualisation is hampering engagement
    Prospective buyers may have difficulty visualizing the layout and features of a property from static images or floor plans alone. This can make it difficult to generate interest and close sales.

VSG sales collateral depicts community drone tour, nearby places, lifestyle, and culture. It allows remote viewing of the virtual tour and a guided tour with the leasing team to ask questions. Relata integrates with PropTech platforms like RealPage, Yardi, or MRI to streamline the leasing process and keep customers updated with unit availability.


Residential - MPCs, Developers & Builders

Showcase your community during construction with 360 views, touch screen kiosks, and on-site metaverse. Reduce marketing spend and sell homes quickly to secure financing and keep up with construction payments. Confidently attract buyers, even from out of state.

  • Expensive properties lack engaging communication tools
    Newly constructed homes like single family home, a townhome or a condo tower are expensive, so buyers want to make sure the community and neighbourhood meet their criteria for amenities, lifestyle, and type of home.

  • Immersive visualisation before construction doesn't exist!
    It's hard to visualize a new home during construction without engaging immersive tours to provide a virtual experience that lets you buy confidently before the home is built.

Our virtual tour templates enable virtual staging of homes in Contemporary, Minimalistic, or Modern styles to fit your community or condo tower brand. The "Metaverse" capability lets prospective buyers take a headset tour and ask contextual questions related to specific floor plans while immersed in the virtual tour, providing an accurate preview of their future home.


Industrial - Owners, Landlords & Brokers

Vacant Office spaces are being re-purposed as co-working spaces or residential units. Our Virtual Sales Gallery and then leasing the virtual spaces makes it so convenient and frictionless to first tour and then lease the space. This allows owners to quickly reduce the vacancy rates in their office buildings

  • Lack of Tech to showcase dynamic properties changes due to pandemic
    Post-pandemic, vacant office spaces are being converted into co-working spaces due to hybrid work policies. Technology is needed to showcase these spaces and office building amenities to quickly fill them up.

  • Lack of tool to visualise changes beforehand
    There is also a big talk about converting some of the vacant space to residential space and that could pose design challenges and would be difficult to visualize that space before bringing down the walls

Relata's VSG simplifies the process of converting vacant office spaces into co-working spaces. Owners can visualize and book these spaces quickly with an automated leasing process. Realistic virtual tours of redesigned spaces allow owners and developers to finalize new spaces before tearing down walls, saving time and resources.


Office - Owners, Landlords & Brokers

Vacant Office spaces are being re-purposed as co-working spaces - our Virtual Sales Gallery and then leasing the virtual spaces makes it so convenient and frictionless to first tour and then lease the space

  • High frequency of walk-in is hampering the efficiency of Brokers
    Industrial real estate is in high demand, resulting in climbing rents. Owners and brokers struggle to keep up with numerous in-person property tours for prospective tenants, which can be up to 15 per week, due to remote locations, weather, traffic, and fatigue.

Relata's VSG enables prospective tenants to virtually tour industrial properties, reducing the need for physical property tours and enabling quicker shortlisting of properties. This reduces churn and saves time. Tenants can visit shortlisted properties in person and connect those experiences on Relata's Data Analytics platform to better understand their needs.

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