Do We Really Understand Customer Experience?

Do We Really Understand Customer Experience?

The world at the moment is undergoing massive changes in terms of everything one can possibly think of; social, economic, socio-economic, behavioral, psychological and the list goes on until the end of normal comprehension.

With businesses and brands stepping up their games to aim for higher engagement and smoothness in executing their deliverables, every entity right from the educational sector to health industry is employing the offerings of tech-innovations, everyone is trying to get behind ONE thing in common and that is — how to ensure an immersive & engaging Customer Experience?

What is CX exactly?

Even though the elongation of CX is self-explanatory, it is now more than ever that the need of re-questioning its notion has surfaced.

Customer Experience or simply CX, is the product of an interaction between a brand/business and a customer over the course of their professional relationship. This means the holistic set of experiences the customer goes through from the point of discovery of the product to the time it’s delivered to them.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to crack the importance of consumer psychology in the buying process. But the real question that should be posed in front of every business is — is knowing and being cognizant of consumer psychology enough? The world would have surely been slightly better if the answer to that question could dwell in either/or.

Let Us Address the Nitty-Gritty

Let’s call a spade, a spade and get this wired in us: Great CX requires a customer-centric mindset. In order to be on the forefront of delivering exceptional customer experience, one has to ALWAYS put the customer first, not the business.

Good customer experience arises from the need to listen genuinely to your customers so that they can vent in an assuring manner to you. This is the ultimate flagbearer of a business that really cares.

It is a proven statistic that customers do not really care if businesses claim to boast of omni-channel or multi-channel capabilities as much as they do about how easily they’re able to connect with them, the way they want to connect with them and when they want to connect with them.

Why is Maintaining a Solid Digital Customer Experience Mandatory?

Businesses have multiple departments to cater to various specialized areas of delivery. While going about this process, smooth and easy navigation is a prerequisite to retaining customer engagement. A positive, customer-centric CX goes a long way in determining how customers interact with the brand which stands testimony to fostering continued loyalty.

Of course, it takes two to tango. But, in today’s times it is essential to note that customers have more power than the businesses they choose to interact with. This power is presented to them by us through the world wide web; they have a myriad of options to choose from and are free to click on wherever their minds and hearts feel most suitable, at ease and most importantly, heard. In order to facilitate this power, businesses need to employ an excellent CX plan.

For successfully implementing exemplary Customer Experience amid rapid changes and shifts in the digital space, the incorporation of certain elements can prove to be of great help. But you need not worry, we will attempt to take a brief dive into some of the elements we deem fit.

Giving utmost importance to listening to your customers.

Like we said, a potential customer is likely to stick to your offerings IF they feel that your business really does care. Great listening capability means genuine care and genuine care means meticulous customization of deliverables. Once your customers find themselves in a position to confide in you, sky is just the limit!

Leveraging constructive customer feedback into honing your product offerings.

Listening to WHAT your customer wants is just half the victory. Real sweetness entails when businesses turn HOW the customer wants WHAT he wants into reality! Employing a dedicated communications team wherein the customer can actually give constructive feedback about the product is a highly underrated practice.

Keeping track of all possible hassles in delivering your product.

Being prepared well in advance as far as delivering the product goes helps in minimizing delays in the complete buying process of the customer, which adds on to a smooth, seamless and exemplar customer experience.

Owing to the aforementioned points, CX is the by-product of technological advancement and contemporarily changing notions of businesses and customers, which requires immediate action but extreme care. It is the chassis if brand identity is the vehicle.

Audiences in the current times are more inclined towards interacting with businesses and brands like they would with their close friends and acquaintances. Again, the amiability factor is at play here and is on the verge of becoming a modern classic example of what makes or breaks businesses. So, keeping this equation in mind, it is a pressing urgency of addressing inconsistencies in business channels.

As Alan Pennington says, “Remember that from the customer perspective, experiences are seamless and there is an expectation of consistency across channels — but different internal parts of that experience can cause inconsistency. You must take a longitudinal view of the total experience to spot inconsistency”. Because a brand is defined by the customer’s experience and the experience is delivered by the employees.

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