Enhancing Real Estate Sales: How Technology Is Changing the Game

Enhancing Real Estate Sales: How Technology Is Changing the Game

The real estate industry has embarked on a new journey where, from small builders to big names, everyone is slowly shifting from the old approaches to more tech-infused practices. Technology saves time and increases efficiency; this is no longer a secret to anyone. Sales is a completely human-interactive process. How can technology, especially proptech, help in that process?
If you are searching for the same answers, you are at the right place. Today in this blog, we will delve deep into how technology can enhance real estate sales. At Relata, one of our core missions is to accelerate real estate sales because we understand real estate sales is one of the most complex domains with thousands of challenges.
To simplify the sales process, Relata has engineered a bunch of solutions, from managing leads and engaging potential buyers to understanding market trends, which can boost the desired sales number in no time. Let's take a closer look at Relata's solutions for increasing real estate sales.

Redefine Excellence with Visualization Suite:

Relata Visualization Suite bridges the gap between real estate and reality with an interactive 3D tour by replicating the digital twin of a real estate project. With our world-class renders, you can showcase your property from every angle to capture the beauty of the architect.
The Relata visualization suite also includes 360-degree interactive tours, walkthrough videos, and image and video PDF integration for a compact visual guide for buyers. Top real estate players have already achieved impressive results and increased sales with the Relata visualization suite.

The Impact: The Guardians witnessed a phenomenal 38.19% increase in the conversion ratio from site visits to bookings, hitting an impressive 11.47% in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

Relata Visualization Suite

Unleash New Heights with the Relata Presales Engagement Suite:

The Relata Presales Engagement Suite comes with innovative features like guided tours. This digitally guided demo tour helps to increase the click rate. This physical addition adds to the interactive essence of property visits. With our video calling VSG integration, your sales agent from Mumbai can now connect with international prospects via audio/video conferences, even with limited 4G coverage.
The presales engagement suite can easily be embedded with any website, and you can collect customer details with the help of the integrated lead details collection form in our VSG. 

The Impact: The integration of the Presales Engagement suite resulted in a substantial growth of 200+ NRI clients for Dosti Realty, expanding their global clientele. 

Relata Presales Engagement Suite with Guided VSG Tour

Transform the real estate experience with neighborhood maps:

Our interactive neighborhood map offers valuable insights into local amenities, routes, nearby landmarks, future developments, and much more. The neighborhood map empowers buyers with location information; on the other hand, this is a great tool to get the desired valuation by showcasing customized location highlights. Neighborhood maps are interactive and can be customized to meet brand-specific requirements. 

The Impact: India’s top real estate builder, House of Hiranandani, has used our neighborhood maps for their Mumbai-based project, Kalayan. 

Relata Neighbourhood Map

Increase Engagement with Reiya:

Relata’s conversational AI chatbot, Reiya, is capable of speaking and responding in 8+ languages. This multilingual AI chatbot is the perfect real estate companion to increase engagement on your real estate platform.
Our AI bot can not only respond to customer queries 24x7 but also share necessary marketing collateral with prospective buyers. The best part is that these conversations can be accessed from the backend for better customer analytics.

The Impact: Reiya at House of Hiranandani received 2500+ prompts, which clearly suggests increased engagement.

Reiya, Relata's AI Innovation

Efficient Lead Management:

Lead management is a crucial part of real estate. With the Relata lead management suite, you get a comprehensive set of tools for tracking, analyzing, and ultimately converting leads into sales. The lead management suite also helps in managing follow-ups, taking quick remarks, and adding lead session feedback for future analytics. Relata’s solution makes the entire lead management experience streamlined, directly making the sales journey much more efficient.

The Impact House of Hiranandani witnessed a 5% drop in cost per lead. They achieved a staggering 12.75% reduction in cost per qualified lead and an impressive 23.75% dip in cost per acquisition. 

Relata Lead Management Suite

The Future of Real Estate Sales with Technology and Relata


The brilliant team at Relata is constantly researching and building solutions that can help increase real estate sales number. One such product that we have in our pipeline is Arca, a predictive AI model for real estate analytics & predictions. Whether it's analytics or our one-of-a kind visualization suite, our impact numbers are a testament to the success of our products. With our innovative technology and creative solutions, we will surely have a even bigger impact on the real estate landscape in the coming years.

Technology is indeed changing the game in real estate sales, offering solutions that enhance efficiency, improve data analysis, and elevate the customer experience. At Relata, we are committed to lead these changes and helping real estate professionals stay ahead of the curve. With our relentless focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, we aim to shape the future of real estate sales and create unparalleled value for our clients.
Relata is on a mission to accelerating real estate sales with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of real estate sales, schedule a quick demo with us today.

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