From Open Houses to Virtual Tours: Adapting Real Estate Marketing Strategies

From Open Houses to Virtual Tours: Adapting Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Today’s real estate market is growing at a rapid pace, and with the evolving landscape of the real estate industry, it is essential to adapt to the latest marketing strategies. Recent real estate trends indicate that real estate websites offering VR capabilities are seeing a 40% increase in view rates compared to those lacking such features. In the past couple of years, the traditional world of real estate has undergone massive transformations. One such change is slowly shifting from just open houses to showcase real estate properties to the dynamic realm of virtual tours.

With the growing adaptation of technology, virtual tours are becoming a more and more common way of showcasing real estate to prospective buyers. One of the other significant reasons behind this current transformation is the change in consumer preferences. In this blog, we delve deeper into this and explore how evolving with such marketing strategies can help real estate professionals thrive in the digital age.

The Shift to Virtual Tours

A significant 75% of home seekers opted for virtual house tours online during their house hunting process. The home buyers today are mostly millennials and Gen Zs, the generation that prefers technology in everything.
So, what exactly are these virtual tours? A virtual property tour presents property buyers with a simulated 3D environment that enables users to explore properties virtually. It operates on the same fundamentals that our phone’s panoramic images work on. Initially, a sequence of images is woven together, forming a distorted, raw image. Now these distorted images undergo advanced software processing to eliminate distortions and enhance the overall 360-degree image, which is more realistic and closely captures the virtual space. Relata, one of India’s finest proptech companies, offers a complete property visualization suite that includes stunning 3D virtual tours.

Relata Visualization Suite

Virtual tours are the most convenient solution for property buyers across the world. It allows buyers to explore properties in any corner of the world from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why today’s buyers’ choice is shifting more from openhouses to virtual tours. This shift has democratized property viewings, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. Hence, real estate developers are changing their traditional marketing strategies to interactive tours for property showings. 

Adapting Real Estate Marketing Strategies:

The pandemic has set the market for virtual tours high. In a recent study, it was found that listings equipped with virtual tours receive an 87% boost in viewership, while a significant 54% of potential buyers actively skip over properties devoid of this immersive feature. Virtual has made the property viewing experience more convenient for both buyers and developers. Is that it? No, there are several other advantages to virtual tours, lets fid out.

Enhance  Engagement

Property buyers tend to spend more time experiencing the property online in a virtual tour than offline. Why? That’s because offline open houses are mostly overcrowded during weekends. Agents attend to more than one client at a time, so buyers cannot spend as much time as they want in the property.

Increase Project Value

The integration of virtual tours into your website will give you a competitive advantage and push. The next generation of buyers is more comfortable trying and testing any product online before making their decision. Virtual tours guide buyers in the correct direction while increasing the project value for the realtors.

No Geographic Restriction

Now that location is no longer a problem, with virtual tours, buyers get the flexibility to explore real estate projects across the globe. It also helps real estate developers bring customers from all around the world together with just one simple integration.

Relata Virtual Tours from the Comfort of your Home

Interactive Visualization

Static images cannot capture the architectural brilliance of a property, but with interactive virtual tours, buyers can explore each corner of the real estate project. The more they visually engage with the project, the more inclined they are to buy the property.

Today’s real estate developers are embracing technology and adapting to new marketing strategies. In this digital era of transformation, just some claims are not enough; people believe in numbers. The Relata visualization suite is engineered to enhance the customer experience and accelerate real estate sales. From 360-degree walkthroughs to 3D virtual tours, the Relata visualization suite has it all. Here is a sneak peek into the success numbers using Relata Virtual Tours for real estate property viewings.

The success numbers

Measuring the success of virtual tours in real estate marketing requires a keen focus on key metrics such as engagement or conversion rates. With Relata's visualization suite, Mumbai’s top builders, Dosti Realty, recorded 200+ NRI bookings. Not only that, the Relata visualization suite lets real estate professionals track analytics from the virtual tour. This has a great impact on their marketing efforts and helps them evaluate ROI effectively. Relata virtual tours are a must-have for any real estate project in today’s time; they go beyond achieving sales and enhancing customer convenience.  

Compared to traditional methods of simple open houses, virtual tours offer a compelling return on investment, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion compelling return on investment, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion.

As we look to the future of real estate marketing, we anticipate further technological advancement. AI and data analytics will become even more integral parts of these virtual tours, thinning the line between reality and fiction. The transformation of the real estate industry will continue with more strategic marketing tactics. With Relata leading the way in innovative solutions, the possibilities are limitless. Join us on this journey as we continue to revolutionize the real estate industry. 

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