Inside Relata Payment & Inventory Suite: Crafting Effortless Transaction Experiences

Inside Relata Payment & Inventory Suite: Crafting Effortless Transaction Experiences

Within the dynamic realm of real estate, every transaction carries immense importance. In an era plagued by financial misdeeds, transparency emerges as the shield warding off distrust. Therefore, real estate developers pay great attention to making sure that customers can experience an effortless payment process.

Real estate developers often struggle with managing inventories alongside payment processes, which creates more roadblocks in the smooth journey of home buyers. Managing inventories alongside seamless payment processes isn't just a preference; it's a vital necessity for developers striving for success. 

Exploring the intricate world of real estate development is almost like walking on a tightrope without a safety net. At Relata, we've mastered the art of understanding the common real estate challenges and Through cutting-edge technology, we've engineered solutions that not only simplify inventory and payment management but also inject a new level of transparency into every transaction, empowering stakeholders like never before. 

Let's take a closer look at the common challenges in real estate inventory and payment management and how we are solving them: 

Navigating through the complexities of real estate inventory and payment management: The Relata Approach 

Complications of offline payments 

Without Relata:

The traditional process of offline payment is very cumbersome. Because of the manual documentation, reconciliation is often delayed, and the risk of errors increases. Due to the absence of a centralized system for tracking check or demand draft transactions, this becomes particularly challenging. 

With Relata:

Relata's Payment & Inventory Suite’s advanced technology helps developers manage offline payments digitally with the ability to upload proof of payment and receipts, as well as a check and DD number.

Transparent Digital Payment Mode

Inventory availability confusion 

Without Relata:

Have you also lost valuable clients due to the double booking of the same unit? It happens because of the absence of real-time inventory updates. Leads and internal teams often struggle with maintaining inventory; a lack of visibility into inventory data can result in missed opportunities and inefficient allocation of resources.

With Relata:

Relata’s inventory and payment management suite helps real estate developers customize and decide how many units are open for booking and track booked and available inventory with real-time updates. Not only that, but this can help you tailor the search experience with custom filters, delve into interactive master plans and detailed floor plans, and manage inventory lifecycles from visibility to registration with ease.

Complex Part Payments

Without Relata:

Real estate transactions often include part payment modules. Due to the unavailability of technology or popper systems, it gets difficult to track each customer’s payment plans. Without a streamlined solution, managing these payments seamlessly becomes a daunting task, leading to confusion and potential errors, making the transaction processes less reliable.

With Relata

Taking multiple part payments from multiple sources while tracking them seamlessly at one point in the system is just a piece of cake. 

Relata product suites are designed to break down the complicated real estate operation processes and make them simpler and easier. Whether it's the hassle of KYC documentation or generating an error-free costsheet, the variety of Relata product suites takes care of every aspect carefully.
Curious to learn about Relata Inventory and Payment Management Suite in detail? 

Standout Features of the Relata Inventory and Payment Management Suite: 

Offline Payments and Part Payment Management:

Relata offers a stress-free and reliable digital payment process for real estate developers and leads. With this feature, you can digitize offline payments and keep track of everything for better transparency. 
Digitize offline payment processes with seamless uploading of proof of payment, receipts, and check/DD numbers for enhanced efficiency. 
Make every transaction safe, secure, and transparent, and keep a streamlined record of multiple partial payments from diverse sources, seamlessly managed within a single integrated platform. 

Payment Reconciliation Tracker:

Optimizing your financial workflows with our product suite helps simplify payment reconciliation and provides comprehensive tracking features, allowing you to stay organized and in control.

Inventory Lifecycle Management:

Real estate developers can strategically customize and decide how many units are open for booking with this innovative feature. Have full control of your inventory for a better value proposition.

Inventory Tracking:

No more double bookings, no more cancellations due to confusion, as you can easily track booked and available inventory with real-time updates with our product solution.

Relata Booking Engine

Relata is on a mission to empower anyone and everyone in this real estate ecosystem, and we know we can do it only with the help of technology. The boon of proptech makes buyers' real estate journey safe, secure, and pleasant. 

It enhances operational efficiency and improves transaction transparency. These are just not our claims, but our impact numbers are testimonials to that. Let's take a look at how Relata fueled India’s biggest real estate builders’ growth with its excellent product solutions.

Relata Impacts-

Relata has so far onboarded 8 billion-plus inventories; our success numbers are the biggest testament to the usefulness of our solution. You must already be aware of Mumbai’s top real estate developer, Dosti Realty’s exciting new launch in the heart of Mumbai. Relata’s intervention with Dosti Realty has helped them with the below numbers: 11853 site visits, transitioned 2194 EOIs, and yielded a marvelous 1200+ bookings

From simplifying complicated payment processes to streamlining inventory management, the Relata inventory and payment management suite is a revolutionary tool. It makes real estate industry practices more transparent and reliable with the help of technology. Our innovative solutions transcend industry norms, and with Relata by your side, crafting seamless transaction experiences is no longer a challenge but a pathway to success in the competitive real estate arena.

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