Manage Weekend Crowd Visits Swiftly with Relata Onsite Suite

Manage Weekend Crowd Visits Swiftly with Relata Onsite Suite

The Indian real estate market has been on an upward trajectory since the pandemic. During the third quarter of 2023, a survey by property consultant Anarock shed light on the launch of 1.16 lakh homes in the top seven property markets. Recently, DLF also made headlines for selling property worth $1 billion within just 72 hours. This is a prime example showcasing the magnitude of real estate project launches and the significance of a successful onsite property launch.

The thrill of on-site property visits adds a tangible dimension to the buyer’s property-hunting experience. Property launches typically draw substantial crowds on weekends. While this may be enticing for real estate developers, the efficient management of such high numbers poses a considerable challenge.

Traditional real estate practices are highly dependent on manpower. We know the importance of human interaction, but real estate agents grapple with the reality of managing crowds manually. This presents a hurdle to ensuring a consistently engaging journey for each individual.

No need to worry; we've got your back! In today's insights, we're unveiling the secrets to effortlessly managing crowds at your next onsite real estate launch. But first things first, let's explore the pitfalls of relying on traditional manual property launch methods.

Challenges during on-site property launches

Suboptimal Onsite Operations

Traditional on-site engagement methods are often inefficient. The absence of technology in crowd management practices further makes onsite property visits more challenging. Manually assigning leads or managing site visits often causes delays, and the entire process is not only complex but also tedious for both real estate agents and visitors.

Chaotic Sales Process

The entire sales process lacks clarity, so it gets difficult to identify client sources or differentiate between a fresh client and a revisit. Sales processes involving expression of interest generation, part payments, and inventory selection are often complex and time-consuming.
The cumbersome manual form-filling process is inadequate for accurately capturing lead acquisition data, and relying on paper-based methods for EOI payments, unit selection, and marketing collateral distribution introduces further inefficiencies in the overall workflow.

No real-time updates

There is no specific system to provide real-time insights for onsite traffic and lead progress. This lack of visibility affects not only the efficiency of on-site operations but also the overall customer experience. The unavailability of real-time updates results in miscommunication, double bookings, unclear negotiations, booking cancellations, and ultimately losing clients.

Now, the only way to tackle these problems and manage crowds efficiently during your onsite property launch is to incorporate technology. The blend of extraordinary technology and the right amount of human power can make your next real estate launch a big success. Let's deep dive into our suggestions for your swift management of onsite real estate launches:

Digitize Onsite Property Launches

Digital Site Visits with OTP Verification and QR-Based Revisit Management

Transform site visits into a digital experience and integrate a user-friendly OTP verification method to ensure secure access to property details with OTP-verified digital site visits, creating a seamless and secure entry process.

Tips: Relata’s onsite suite helps you engage your customers site visits digitally with a simple OTP-verified mechanism to track all their movements at your site. Alongside this, streamlining property revisits is no longer a challenge. Using our QR code system, you can simply differentiate a fresh lead from a revisit.

Automated lead handover

With the digitization of lead handling, you can easily assign leads to the closing manager automatically based on revisits and current available CMs. It also streamlines onsite lead management with ease.

Tips: With Relata’s Onsite Suite, managing crowds efficiently is no longer an issue. It helps in the lead-handover process with automation; it reduces delays and guarantees a smooth transition from one stage to the next.

Real-time updates and tracking

Keep everyone in the loop with real-time site traffic analysis, ensuring effective coordination among team members for a smoother onsite experience. Effective real-time insights also help in managing crowds and curating strategies efficiently.

Tips: The Onsite Suite from Relata can help you with analytics and let you track lead and sales executive progress across different points in the site, like the AV room, scale models, sample flats, and more, for a site visit. With Relata Onsite Suite’s real-time analytics, you can easily engage with clients with dedicated strategies.

Trouble-free onsite booking

With the digitization of your on-site property launch, you can track payments, generate EOIs, and manage unit selections smoothly. Automation helps in simplifying the onsite property booking process.

Tips: Relata Onsite Suite comes with a hierarchy-based quick discounting mechanism, part payments, and a payment tracking module. It also helps with easy applicant setup to reduce paperwork and time during rush hours.

Relata Onsite Suite

Secure your demo today before your next on-site property launch.

Managing weekend crowds during onsite property launches doesn't have to be a chaotic affair. With the Relata Onsite Suite, you can revolutionize the onsite experience. Easily tackle numerous visitors and provide them with a seamless and personalized experience. So if you also want to make headlines with your next property launch and stand out from the crowd, book your demo today and discover the future of onsite property launches with Relata.

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