Mapping Beyond Streets: Relata Neighborhood Map User Guide

Mapping Beyond Streets: Relata Neighborhood Map User Guide

The search for your perfect residence extends beyond the architectural nuances of the project. In fact, from property developers to property buyers location plays the most important deciding factor in Real Estate. In the buyer's journey, neighbourhood exploration is a crucial step before making the final property decision, whereas  For developers, strategically showcasing a project's value through its location is pivotal, ensuring it resonates with the market for optimal valuation. Relata understands the importance of location hence it has developed a perfect product, Neighbourhood  Maps which can not only help the real estate developers to up their valuation game but also the buyers in their neighbourhood and location exploration journey.

In real estate property presentation, Google Maps is often used to give an in-depth view of the real estate project's locale, ensuring potential buyers have access to necessary location-related information about the property. Now the traditional use of static maps often falls short in delivering a comprehensive picture to the property buyers, this is exactly where Relata Neighbourhood Maps step in. Our interactive Neighbourhood Map is engineered to redefine how you navigate and perceive the areas surrounding your real estate property. 

In simple words, the Neighbourhood Maps work as a buyers’ guide to explore local landmarks, forthcoming developments, transportation routes, and nearby amenities of the Real Estate project. Now you must be wondering what could be the possible drawbacks of static maps and why to replace them with our Neighbourhood maps right? Before diving deep into Relata Neighbourhood maps let's uncover the underlying issues related to usage of static maps.

Difficulty in Property Valuation

With traditional maps realtors cannot highlight nearby amenities nor can they show upcoming developments that affect the property valuation process.  As we know location can be a key determiner in upscaling the property value but the absence of a clear understanding of the neighbourhood makes it hard for buyers to accurately assess the property's value.

Difficulty in Understanding the Locality

Property Buyers often face disappointment after purchasing a property due to insufficient knowledge about the locality, or transportation routes and nearby amenities leading to unmet expectations and potential regrets.

Well, the good news is with Neighbourhood Maps Relata can realtors get the accurate value of their property just by showcasing the location highlights. 

So, how do Neighbourhood Maps work? Let's explore

Relata's Neighbourhood Maps feature transforms location challenges into opportunities. With User-friendly configuration, seamless integration, and breakthrough features, this redefines location understanding and transforms property exploration into an engaging, colourful adventure for future home buyers.

Interactive Routes & Info

The neighbourhood maps are interactive making it so much fun to use and understand for the property buyers. The interactive routes feature lets them explore property locations and provides a clear understanding of the surroundings, transportation routes, geographical distance, and more.
This feature works like a personal guide to find important places in the vicinity, helping you unlock the secrets of your new location. The engaging interactive feature makes it easier to understand the important nearby landmarks as well. 

Configurable Places & Markers

At Relata we understand the value of customization that’s why our Neighbourhood Map is tailored to your needs. You can choose which places to highlight, decide on the names, and use markers that resonate with your brand identity.
With easy customization, you have the liberty to highlight places according to your strategy. Make your very unique map, in your unique way.

Configurable Terrain Styles

Maps are so very important in raising property value so they should not be boring. That’s why Relata Neighbourhood Maps lets you use your signature colours to represent different terrains, creating an immersive and visually appealing experience.
Now you can bring your brand colours to Neighbourhood Maps. Be the architect and tell your property's unique story. Our maps are like your artistic vision board to speak directly to buyers' desires. 

Integrated Dynamic Filters

With Relata interactive Neighborhood Maps you can control the visibility of categories of places with filters that can be combined or used independently per category.
This feature puts you in charge of what your audience sees. Hence you can easily highlight the areas that you want to showcase to be ahead of the competitors and get better property valuation.

Future Infrastructure Overlays

This is one of the main differentiator features from a regular map. With Neighbourhood maps you can provide a glimpse into the future with colourful and diagrammatic overlays that showcase upcoming infrastructures.
Bring clarity and vibrancy to your property presentations. Let the buyers have a comprehensive view of the neighbourhood's potential evolution.

Immersive & Configurable Clouds

No one likes to look at boring static maps, the immersive cloud feature not only adds a sense of aesthetic to your property presentation but also adds a touch of reality to the map. This realistic cloud feature makes users feel connected to the vicinity even before setting foot there. Add an extra layer of realism, with customization at your fingertips, you have the power to create the perfect sky for every property.

Website Integration

This Neighbourhood map can be easily integrated into your website. Relata's Interactive Map effortlessly embeds into any website, ensuring that the user experience is both informative and enjoyable.
It offers your audience the ability to explore the neighbourhood, all within the familiar confines of your website effortlessly.

Relata Neighbourhood Maps at work!

The Impact of Relata Neighbourhood Maps

Some of India’s topmost real estate developers are using Relata Neighbourhood Maps instead of traditional static maps. It helps the buyers to gain a nuanced understanding of the property surroundings, leading to more informed decisions. & for realtors, this is the best tool with which they can highlight the project’s locational value. In short, it empowers both buyers and real estate developers with the power of information.

Static Maps vs Relata Neighbourhood Maps

Static maps, like faded postcards of the past, are unable to give you the complete picture of the location. On the other hand, Neighbourhood Maps are curated to solve the gaps that static maps cannot fill. From giving a picture of future construction to customization features, the Relata Neighbourhood Map is a dynamic and immersive solution. The interactive feature of the map makes it even more engaging to use, furthermore, this is one of the finest weapons in today's time for a realtor to showcase their property’s true value location-wise.

Unique advantages that only Relata Neighbourhood maps can bring are :

1. While static maps freeze moments in time, Relata's Neighborhood Maps offer a glimpse into the future, helping realtors to get better property valuation.

2. Relata's maps empower users to customize their experience, ensuring a uniquely tailored experience.

3. The interactive feature makes property exploration more engaging and fun.

Relata's Neighborhood Map is truly a guiding light for both the buyers and realtors. With unique, interactive feature sets this map adds a new dimension to your property presentation process. It’s time for you to get a better valuation for your real estate project with our pioneering product. It’s time to explore beyond streets and give property buyers an immersive, interactive experience with Relata.

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