Mastering Real Estate Lead Management with Relata: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Mastering Real Estate Lead Management with Relata: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In the world of real estate, the importance of effective lead management cannot be overstated. Do you know a typical real estate lead requires 8 to 12 interactions with the real estate agent before being prepared to proceed with the transaction?

It signifies the importance of efficient lead management in this industry. Lead management operates as a systematic journey where incoming leaves are scrutinized and nurtured with precision, ultimately shaping them into potential real estate prospects.

The real estate lead management process is very complex. Whether it is acquiring new leads or following up with them, the entire process is not only time-consuming but also very complicated. With the increasing use of technology in real estate, there are some lead management software programs that can help organize leads. These real estate CRM tools can be very effective. One such wonderful lead management real estate software is from Relata.

As a revolutionary prop, company relata understands the pain points of real estate agents more than anyone. That's why the Relata lead management suit is specifically designed to master real estate lead management and accelerate faster sales. Here, we have mapped out some of the biggest challenges in lead management and how it can be solved with Relata.

Why is the Relata Lead Management Suite essential for your real estate? 

Obstacles to Lead Acquisition 

Without Relata

Lead acquisition is not an easy task, as we all know, and without the proper use of technology, the absence of a centralized platform makes it even more challenging. It affects getting deeper insights about the leads. 

With Relata

Relata simplifies lead acquisition through a centralized hub that efficiently manages leads from diverse marketing campaigns and channels. This not only streamlines the process but also amplifies insights into marketing performance, empowering strategic decision-making. 

Lead Management Struggles

Limited data information 

Without Relata

The sources used to collect data on leads are not always accurate, and most of the time, real estate agents do not have access to updated lead data or information that is crucial for building sales strategies. Limited information on leads inhibits the ability to tailor interactions, understand customer preferences, and deliver personalized experiences. 

With Relata

Relata enhances lead data by incorporating customizable demography fields, providing a treasure trove of insights. This adaptability empowers a personalized and precisely targeted strategy, nurturing impactful interactions. 

Ineffective Communication Logs 

Without Relata

Real estate agents handle more than one lead at a time. This is why keeping a proper record of each interaction becomes difficult manually. The absence of a standardized system results in gaps, misunderstandings, and a lack of comprehensive interaction records. 

With Relata

Relata simplifies communication logs by providing a platform for executives to document interactions seamlessly. This enhances collaboration within the team, ensuring a clear and detailed understanding of lead interactions. 

Follow-Up Challenges 

Without Relata

Just acquiring leads is not enough; with continuous follow-up, a lead slowly turns into sales. Manually managing follow-ups is prone to errors, leading to missed opportunities and hampering sales.

With Relata

Relata's lead management suite simplifies the real estate follow-up system. Executives can set and track follow-ups effortlessly, ensuring a timely and organized approach to maintaining lead engagement. 

Absence of Lead Tracking 

Without Relata

Without the use of technology, there is no source to track leads. The absence of a unified system results in fragmented data, making it difficult to monitor leads' progress through the buying journey.

With Relata

Relata Lead Management Suite comes with unified lead progress tracking, offering a holistic view of leads across digital and physical touchpoints. This enhances the ability to guide leads seamlessly through the entire project experience. 

Relata Lead Management Suite takes care of A-Z of all your problems in real estate. This tool works like a power weapon to manage and convert leads at the same time. The lead management suite comes with 10+ amazing features. Here is a closer look at it:

Relata Lead Management Suite Feature Set:

Lead Source Tracking:

This feature lets you track lead acquisitions from multiple marketing campaigns and channels. With this, one can gain deeper insights into marketing performance.

Configurable Subsource Selection:

Easily customize lead data forms to acquire data. The lead management suite not only helps in acquiring lead data but also qualifies it.You can qualify your lead with an intuitive and optimized form with our suite.

Configurable Demography Fields:

You can easily customize user acquisition with sub-source selection and flexible demography fields, including fixed and configurable options. Easy customization helps the team with better insights on leads.

Easy Lead Management with Relata

Lead Qualification Form:

The lead management suite comes with three configurable and one fixed demography field. You can change the available options for the configurable fields of occupation, age group, and ethnicity. 

Unified Lead Progress Tracking:

With Relata, you can get real-time updates on your lead’s journey, which can help you curate dedicated strategies. Executives can track lead progress at multiple digital as well as physical touchpoints in their home-buying journey across the project. 

Lead Session Feedback:

The lead management suite allows real estate agents to add feedback on their sessions with the lead for future records and analysis. 

Configurable Quick Remarks:

For quick remarks to avoid the hassle of typing comments and remarks, real estate agents can customize the settings and choose them with easy drop-downs.

Communication Logs:

The lead management suite stands out with this feature, as with it, real estate agents can add a summary of their interaction with the lead.

Lead Followup Management:

Real estate agents can effortlessly manage follow-ups, schedule them, and track them on the exclusive dashboard. Streamlining the process with convenient one-click follow-up options.

The golden impact of the Relata Lead Management Suite 

In the fast-paced world of real estate, the right tools can make all the difference. The Lead Management Suite can not only remove obstacles from your real estate success path but also help increase efficiency. 
Relata Lead Management is your comprehensive solution, seamlessly guiding you from lead acquisition to insightful data enhancements. This powerful tool simplifies lead tracking, optimizes follow-up processes, and ensures a tailored experience with its easy customization features. Unlock the 4 hidden doors to management success with Relata. 

The Upward Growth with Relata Lead Management

The 4 Keys of Real Estate Lead Management-

Cost-Efficiency and ROI: You can witness a significant impact on costs, reducing per lead, per qualified lead, and per acquisition expense with our Lead Management suite.

Enhanced Collaboration: You can foster teamwork by providing a unified view of lead progress, communication logs, and follow-up schedules.

Time Optimization: Save your team valuable time through automated processes and customizable features, eliminating repetitive tasks.

Scalability and adaptability: propel your real estate business forward effortlessly. The Relata Lead Management Suite adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring scalability alongside your growing success. Elevate your lead management with the prowess of Relata. 

All these are just not claims. Here are the success numbers from our latest collaborations with the House of Hiranandani and the results that they achieved using the Relata Lead Management suite. 

The stunning achievement of the House of Hiranandani-

1. House of Hiranandani witnessed a 5% drop in cost per lead.

2. They achieved a staggering 12.75% reduction in cost per qualified lead. 

3. An impressive 23.75% dip in the cost per acquisition. 

The impact is not just felt; it's measured in substantial business growth and streamlined lead management with our one-of-a-kind lead management suite, especially built for property management. 

In the fast-paced world of real estate, do not let the struggles of lead management slow you down. Embrace the technology; our Lead Management Suite emerges and seamlessly addresses all your real estate lead management challenges, empowers your team, and delivers measurable results. Accelerate your real estate sales numbers and excel in lead management with Relata Lead Management Suite.

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