Smarter Selling with Real Estate tech tools for efficient Lead Generation

Smarter Selling with Real Estate tech tools for efficient Lead Generation

Smart selling is more than just a trendy catchword, it means crafting value not just extracting it. Think sales as a finely woven tapestry where each step is intertwined and ultimately important for forming the picture of success. The first cornerstone of climbing the ladder of triumph in business to generate leads. As easy as it sounds, the reality is quite different, especially for the real estate industry when it comes to lead generation.

Leads are like fuel that runs the engine, generating good quality lead results into smooth tenure of a business. In the Indian real estate markets, we see an average CPL of ₹900  spent on generating lead and it goes up to almost ₹12,000 by the time it converts into a qualified lead. Real Estate industry is known for a long lengthy customer buying process which is at a higher risk of lead turning cold therefore it carries a more severe lead generation meaning here. Imagine it as the construction of sturdy bridges, connecting prospect estate buyers with their ideal property, creating pathways for mutual benefit. Realty businesses spend the most amount of focus in generating a good set of leads and qualifying them as at the end of the day this is what will sail the boat in coming days. 

With the rapidly evolving scenarios in the real estate industry, businesses are now embracing tech tools in their day to day operations for more strategic lead generation. The global real estate software market size was evaluated at $10.24 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% from 2023 to 2030. In order to stay ahead in the race it is important to adapt technology smartly and in this blog we take a deep dive into such techy solutions for lead generation.

Magic of Customer Experience Platform

The part where a home buyer is turning into a lead for any realty business is when they are out exploring properties, digitally or physically and with the amount of options at their fingertips it gets very difficult to stand out in their eyes. That's exactly where an elevated customer experience can make all the difference. New age tools like virtual assistants, virtual experiences & seamless lead engagement tools help you extend interactive customer experience which in turn strengthens your lead qualification.

Capture Efficient Leads with Digital Tools 

Gone are the days when sourcing lead meant word of mouth solely. Today's agents just do not stop at locally sourcing leads, they want to expand their wings and a set of digital tools can help them achieve that. 46% realtors think social media as a top tech tool for generating leads and 66% of marketers dedicate six hours per week to their social media marketing efforts. More than individual outreach plans, over 89 % realtors use facebook to generate leads. Whether it's online paid marketing campaigns, SEO, Content & Email marketing these can boost the process of capturing more leads strategically.

Win Over Quality Leads with CRM

Capturing leads is not just enough, categorising these leads based on priority can help in qualifying the leads. According to reports, for 37% of marketers, the toughest hurdle lies in creating quality leads.  Lead generation is a multifaceted process where the generation of quality leads is the biggest challenge. In the vast pool of lead data to pinpoint the highest quality lead you need to harness the power of technology. CRM tools can not only ensure proper lead identification process but also make sure that resources are invested in leads with real potential. The CRM tools are here 

Maximise Web Potential

Enhancing the quality of your website is very necessary in order to generate good quality leads. Making the website visually appealing can help to attract more buyers. In order to maximise the number of leads you generate, it is important to maximise the website potential. At the heart of lead conversion is retaining leads on your landing page using tools like chatbots, premium visuals and nuanced information while selling the luxury of a new home. The more time the user spends on your website, the more likely it is that they will turn into a lead. But making sure that your website is visible and optimised for SEO is all that more important as all of this work will be wasted if the visibility of your website is nada!

Smart selling is not just a choice; it's an imperative. Whether it is utilising CRM tools, social tech suites or customer experience platforms, technology can definitely take your lead generation game to the next level. With new age Customer Experience platforms the gap between digital and real world gets thinner. These platforms are made to transform customer experiences by incorporating modern age tools to redefine virtual reality in real estate.Picture having a virtual assistant available 24x7. The possibilities for increasing customer engagement and satisfaction are boundless. All these ultimately result in strengthening the lead qualification process. So, by leveraging the real estate tech tools for lead generation, one can fine-tune the approach, deliver personalised experiences, and boost conversion rates further.

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