Streamlining Post-Sale Processes: A Deep Dive into Relata's Solutions

Streamlining Post-Sale Processes: A Deep Dive into Relata's Solutions

The real estate market is infamous for its convoluted and lengthy procedures. The struggles of real estate agents do not just end at closing a deal; the pressure of managing every operational process post-real estate sales is the real challenge. Managing the myriad of tasks and requirements post-sale is really complicated and can make or break the overall customer experience.

Relata, as an end-to-end real estate solution provider, understands this very well. The brilliant team at Relata has engineered a product that is capable of taking care of every post-sales issue. Before diving into the depths of our post-sales suite, let's address the pressing question: Why does your real estate business really need Relata's post-sales suite? Let's navigate through the complexities of post-sales management in real estate and find out why.

Challenges and the need for Relata Post-Sales Management Suite 

Navigating complexities in KYC Verification:

Without Relata-

Handling KYC details for multiple customers simultaneously poses a significant challenge. With scattered information, agents often struggle to efficiently check and edit documents. 

With Relata-

Whether it's editing all the applicant details in one place or managing the freshness of a KYC document, everything can be taken care of with the help of Relata’s post-sales suite.

Untimely KYC Update: 

Without Relata-

Manually maintaining each applicant profile along with KYC can be a really big threat. The unavailability of a proper system to ensure the freshness of the KYC makes it further challenging. Legal complications may also arise due to an un-updated application profile.

With Relata-

Relata's post-sales suite eliminates the complexities of KYC processes completely. The freshness of KYC can be easily managed with it. 

The Burden of Manual Paper Work for KYC

Lead handover struggles:

Without Relata-

The real problem is that manually handling applicant KYC documentation while passing leads to various agents within the onsite team can be quite a struggle.

With Relata-

The lead handover process just gets seamless with Relata’s post-sales tech, increasing customer convenience at every step. 

Payment obstacles:

Without Relata-

Cost sheet generation is very prone to errors. Property buyers might also not always be comfortable with the available fixed payment options. This not only affects error-free calculations but also affects satisfactory lead onboarding.

With Relata-

You can generate cost sheets with calculations based on the lead's choice and customize payment plans strategically. 

Discount confusion

Without Relata-

There’s no streamlined process for configuring and adjusting discounts on property, which creates a major gap in communication between realtors and property buyers.

With Relata-

Relata helps in getting rid of all sorts of confusion and miscommunication by giving the team the control to adjust the discount finalized on the agreement. 

Now that you understand why Relata makes the post-sales journey so much easier, let's take a closer look at our game-changer product’s winning feature sets. 

KYC Management:

KYC management gets easier with the Relata Post Sales Management Suite. The Applicant KYC Management lets you view and modify the Applicant KYC seamlessly, consolidating all details provided by both the executive and the user in one centralized location. 
With features like applicant profile management, you can control the freshness of KYC information for registered applicants added to a booking. If KYC is updated, all open bookings ask if the attached KYC should be refreshed. 

LQR-based Doc Scanning: 

Lead handovers and document management during the onsite visit are no longer chaotic. The simple LQR-based lead handover mechanism and interface for the on-site team to upload KYC documents for applicants make the complicated process so much easier. 

Relata Booking Engine for Post Sales Activities

Hassle-free Payment Process:

With the Configurable Discounts feature, you can let the team decide where to adjust the discount based on the agreement value at the time of closing the booking. You can also generate a cost sheet with calculations based on the leads' choice of unit. Customize payment plans according to project offers. 

At Relata, our vision is clear: to empower every individual within the real estate ecosystem through the transformative power of technology. We believe that simplifying the entire real estate process is key to enhancing customer convenience every step of the way.

From generating demand letters to managing discount distribution, Relata's Post Sales Suite serves as a comprehensive solution under one roof. Our impact speaks volumes, as evidenced by the significant growth experienced by some of India's largest real estate players, who have leveraged our exceptional product solutions.

Relata Impact:

  1. With Relata Real Estate, builders could build a more efficient customer experience with hassle-free digital post-real estate sales solutions.
  2. Operational efficiency has exponentially increased due to integrating various post-sales functions into a unified platform.
  3. Real estate builders can take advantage of recorded data-driven insights from the Post-Sales suite


Efficient post-sales management is essential for ensuring a seamless real estate experience for both buyers and sellers. Relata's innovative solutions offer a comprehensive approach to streamlining post-sales processes, enabling companies to overcome common challenges and achieve greater success in their transactions. Relata Post Sales Management Suite not only helps in getting rid of post-real estate complications but also ensures customers remain satisfied from the beginning to the end of their real estate buying journey. 
So, to increase your customer value proposition and remove all the post-sales operational hurdles, Relata Post Sales is an absolute go-to. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and take the first step towards a more streamlined and rewarding post-sales journey.

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