The Art and Science of Property Visualisation with Relata

The Art and Science of Property Visualisation with Relata

In the competitive real estate field, captivating potential buyers is a decisive factor in a property's success. Twenty-first century’s latest invention virtual tours is becoming the top choice for any realtor to showcase their real estate projects. Virtual Property tour presents the buyers with a simulated 3D environment that lets users explore properties virtually.

Do you know Virtual tours elevate buyer interest by a remarkable 48%, showcasing a substantial increase compared to listings that depend solely on photos and videos? Virtual Tours – a seamless blend of artistry and technological precision. Relata Visualisation Suite is at the forefront of the digital revolution, debunking the myth that creating virtual tours is time-consuming and expensive for real estate agents. Far from ordinary, it turns property visualisation into an exquisite combination of art and science.

We understand the importance of first impressions and we know traditional real estate practices can never do justice to your architectural brilliance. That’s why the Relata Visualisation suite is engineered to help realtors excel in their property presentation and overcome all the roadblocks that they often face in real estate presentations. We have identified the common issues with traditional real estate visualisation.

Traditional Real Estate Presentation problems

Static Property Viewing

The struggle of grasping a property's potential just through static images can be unpleasant. It often fails to deliver the true essence and layout of the property.

Absence of Phygital Engagement

The physical distance creates turbulence for both Real Estate agents and home buyers. Agents miss the chance to interact with potential clients and close a deal easily, whereas buyers miss out on engaging with the property's features, layout, or condition.

Lack of Information

The traditional real estate practice relies a lot on paper pamphlets which results in disorganization and inefficiency. Also, the complexities of blueprints create further confusion.

Relata Visualisation Suite is carefully curated to address the challenges faced in the real estate visualization landscape. It conveys the essence of a property and helps in closing more deals faster. From interactive walkthroughs to 3D tours Relata Visualisation Suite got all covered with stunning 10+ features. So, how does this work? Let's explore.

A complete guide for Relata Visualisation Suite

Next-Gen Property Preview

Relata is on a mission to redefine the property expedition experience for all with our Virtual Sales Gallery (VSG).  

Our Virtual Sales gallery is the ultimate destination to feature every facet of your project. Showcase every intricate detail as well as marketing collaterals of the real estate project here. From detailed project insights to captivating visuals, the VSG ensures a comprehensive and engaging property exploration for home buyers.

At Relata, we understand the uniqueness of each project and hence believe in the power of customization. Leverage the flexibility of Relata's VSG Templates Library, ensuring that your presentations are not just informative but uniquely crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Immersive Phygital Property Tour

With Courtesy of Relata's cutting-edge technology now you can create a digital twin of your real estate project. Our interactive 3D tour and 360-degree virtual experience bring your project to life.  Relata's Immersive Unit Walkthrough helps buyers explore future homes from the comfort of their place.

Unlike other virtual tours, Relata VSG comes with an Auto VR feature that allows a smooth, hands-free 360-degree tour with customized speed and rotation, ensuring smooth and enjoyable exploration for buyers.

Alongside this, you can also enjoy Relata's Floorwise Balcony View feature lets the buyers experience panoramic scenery from every tower floor of your real estate project, offering unprecedented clarity. Our innovative approach narrows the gap between physical and digital visits, enhancing convenience and informed decision-making.

Interactive Master Plan & Navigation

Traverse the entire project, smoothly transitioning between master plans and amenities,  all at your fingertips. Our Interactive Master Plan is user-friendly and eliminates complex navigation problems.

It is time you bid farewell to traditional navigation hassles and welcome this intuitive hover-and-switch navigation approach with Relata’s Floorplan & Unit Plan Navigation feature. Simply hover over any section within the property modules, and voilà, you can instantly switch to explore different areas.

One Place Visual Integration

Relata prioritizes customer convenience over anything else and our Visualisation suite simplifies buyers' journey with easy one-place integration of everything.

From Video Collaterals to Image Gallery integration, let the property buyers see through your window to a world of beauty and sophistication, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come.

Alongside HD videos & picturesque project images, our visualisation suite also offers PDF integration to elevate your sales presentations to a whole new level. Now you can transform ordinary brochures and marketing collateral into captivating, dynamic assets, and interactive presentations.

The Visualization suite offers not just visual appeal but an immersive audio experience as well. With our Audio Integration feature, your virtual tours come to life with immersive background audio. It's not just a visual tour; it's an auditory adventure that adds depth and emotion to your property exploration.

Why should you consider Relata Visualisation Suite?

In a survey conducted by Redfin, it was revealed that 63% of homebuyers placed offers on properties without physically visiting them, emphasizing the role of virtual tours in facilitating remote property purchases. That is how impact virtual tours have in today’s real estate market. With Relata’s brilliant tech expertise now you can also transform your real estate visualisation. Some of the most noticeable benefits of Relata Visualisation suites are-

Relata Visualisation’s interactive feature set helps in increasing engagement for the property buyers and longer engagement times often translate to a higher likelihood of conversion.

It further helps in breaking geographical barriers and reaching a wider set of audience through virtual tours.

Relata Visualisation Suite not only saves time but also increases efficiency. With the help of Visualisation Suite’s analytics realtors can design dedicated strategies for higher conversion rates.

The recent success of our clients is a testament to the outstanding influence of the Relata Visualisation Suite. Our numbers speak for Relata's remarkable impact, Here's a glimpse of the stunning results:-

Guardians’ Conversion Triumph

The Guardians witnessed a phenomenal 38.19% increase in the conversion ratio from site visits to bookings, hitting an impressive 11.47% in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

Dosti Realty's Global Expansion

The integration of the latest Visualisation Suite resulted in a substantial growth of 200+ NRI clients for Dosti Realty, expanding their global clientele.

House of Hiranandani's Operational Victory

House of Hiranandani revamped its processes, reducing the average turnaround time from 120 days to a nimble 90 days, showcasing a remarkable increase in overall efficiency.

From solving inherent challenges to accelerating property visualisation excellence, Relata Visualisation Suite is truly a piece of engineering marvel. It stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of property presentation. Do you also want to stand out in this race? Come and step into the world of Relata Visualisation Suite – where every property tells a captivating story, creating a lasting impact in the minds of potential buyers.

Ready to make a lasting impact? Schedule a quick demo to witness the perfect blend of art and science in property visualisation. 

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