The Power of Chatbot in Real Estate: A Look into Relata's Generative AI Reiya

The Power of Chatbot in Real Estate:  A Look into Relata's Generative AI Reiya

Did you know that 84% of businesses foresee the rising significance of AI chatbots in customer communication? Even the real estate market isn't immune to technological advancements. With its heavy emphasis on customer communication and relationship building, the industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, thanks to the pivotal role played by chatbots.

These chatbots in real estate offer many benefits, from streamlining communication to providing instant assistance, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Relata’s extraordinary product team has also built a real estate chatbot to make customer communication easier; however, our smart assistant Reiya stands out from any other regular chatbots. 

Reiya is your intelligent project's companion, resembling CHAT, GPT, or BARD, but even better, as Reiya can speak 8+ international languages, provide multilingual interaction experiences, share collateral, and much more. We will go deep into Reiya’s unique feature set, but first, let's answer your very common question: why do you need Reiya? 

Navigating through Real Estate Roadblocks with Reiya:

Inaccurate Information:

Without Relata-

Brokers often share misleading false information with leads to seal the deal, while the available information on real estate websites or papers isn’t updated timely, leading to inaccuracy. The misleading data creates false expectations and hinders the leads’ decision-making process.

With Relata-

You can share brochures, VR links, walkthroughs, and opportunity documents with buyers at any time. This makes customer engagement more reliable with the ease of shareable deliverables. 

Lack of Engagement:

Without Relata:

Brokers often do not pay much attention to buyers' questions and share the same old brochures without making personalized interactions with buyers. Lack of engaging interaction makes buyers feel disconnected from the entire process. 

With Relata-

You can customize your chatbot according to your needs, making it more personalized for communication with buyers.

The Language Gap:

Without Relata-

The linguistic barrier is the biggest challenge real estate professionals face while interacting with leads and communicating project details.

With Relata-

Reiya's multilingual prowess helps in merging linguistic gaps in real estate conversations, making buyers more engaged.

The Communication Lapse:

Without Relata-

Let's say real estate salespersons are barely available after office hours, whereas home buyers may indulge in property exploration before or after office hours. This creates a huge lapse in communication between both homebuyers and real estate agents. 

With Relata-

Our real estate AI Reiya is available 24x7 at your service, bridging the communication gap and increasing engagement.

Now that you know how AI in real estate makes such a huge difference, let's get to know a bit more about our generative AI chatbot, Reiya, in detail. With its array of features, Reiya addresses the aforementioned challenges head-on, revolutionizing the way real estate professionals interact with clients.

Smart AI Chatbot Reiya

Reiya Features-

Multilingual Reiya:

Reiya supports vernacularism, and it can speak and understand more than eight international languages. With our configurable information feature, you can make the bot respond like CHATGPT or BARD with your project and product information in detail and on your terms. With configurable information, your project's narrative is in your hands, ensuring every interaction is a tailored masterpiece. 

Voice-activated and accent-compatible:

Reiya takes voice commands with the utmost accuracy for all the supported languages. It is also voice-operated with an accent and can now respond in audio format with your preferred choice of accent along with its textual responses.

Real estate AI Companion:

Reiya does more than answer questions; it shares brochures, VR links, walkthroughs, and opportunity documents with buyers. Reiya can be integrated with any website and is also available in mobile-optimized versions. Plus, Reiya can be integrated into Relata VSG for an even better experience.

Smart Real Estate Assistant

Analytics with Reiya:

With Reiya, you can get analytics by topic and their corresponding questions via the backend AI system, and you can track sessions and conversations. It can help the backend team know about the buyers' questions about the project by tracking user interactions and conversations for each session. 

The real estate industry is continuing its growth, fueled by advancements in generative AI technologies. Reiya is the best solution for increasing customer engagement and efficiency and building better communication channels with buyers. Reiya is truly a one-of-a-kind product, and we are not just claiming it; our proud clientele success numbers are proof of that.

The Impact of Reiya

The adoption of Reiya has led to a paradigm shift in real estate operations. Clients benefit from increased engagement and personalized assistance, while agents experience greater efficiency and productivity. Notably, industry leaders like House of Hiranandani have witnessed remarkable success after implementing Relata's chatbot solutions. The transition from a traditional chatbot to an AI-driven Reiya has resulted in a substantial increase in customer interactions, with Reiya handling over 25,000 prompts and elevating overall engagement levels. 

The real estate industry is at the peak of its growth, and who better than AI can push this growth further? Chatbots for the real estate industry, or chatbots for real estate agents, are the biggest remedy to increase customer engagement and decrease the gaps in miscommunication. 
Reiya is not just a real estate chatbot but the smartest real estate agent for you to navigate through roadblocks and achieve greater revenues. In conclusion, we can say Reiya is the one and only solution to get unparalleled efficiency, engagement, and convenience.

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