Unlocking Potential: Tips for Optimizing Post Sales Management in Real Estate

Unlocking Potential: Tips for Optimizing Post Sales Management in Real Estate

The journey of a buyer starts with property exploration and ends with property booking; however, the story is not the same for real estate developers or agents. Their journey just doesn’t end at property booking; to be fair, the real operational complications start increasing only after booking.

Post-sales management is a crucial aspect often overlooked, but it holds immense potential for enhancing customer satisfaction and maximizing returns. Effective post-sales management can not only help reduce sellers’ stress but also increase customer convenience.The Relata team has been working with real estate problems for years and understands the root cause of these issues very well. Our expert team has prepared some exciting tips for you to navigate through post-sales complications.
Before diving deep into our top 3 expert tricks, let's have a closer look at the common problems in post-sales management. 

Challenges in Post-Sales Management

KYC Complications:

Managing the KYC details of several customers at a time is a real challenge. The details are often scattered, making it difficult to view and edit for the agents. This decentralized approach can lead to errors, delays, and a lack of uniformity in data.

Application management issues:

Legal complications can arise due to an un-updated application profile. Manually maintaining each applicant profile along with KYC can be a really big challenge. 

Payment Worries:

Ensuring timely and accurate payments from buyers while managing payment plans and handling discrepancies can pose significant challenges, impacting cash flow and project timelines.

Worry no more; we have perfect strategic tips for you to overcome these roadblocks easily in your post-sales management. First things first, manual management can’t solve the problem, which is why you need technology. With the advancement of technology, there are plenty of tools available on the market, and it’s common to get confused. Here’s our top recommendation that you must look out for in your post-sales management suite. 

Top 3 Tips for Post-Sales Management

Applicant KYC Management:

Post-property booking, applicant documentation, and KYC procedures are mandatory. To avoid errors and increase productivity, the entire process should be automated; this can ensure compliance while reducing manual efforts and turnaround times.

Tip: With Relata, you can check and modify applicant KYC seamlessly, consolidating all details provided by both the executive and the user in one centralized location.

Post Real Estate Sales Clarity

Configurable Discounts:

One more feature to look for is to have built-in configurable discount options to avoid future confusion and miscommunications.

Tip: With Relata, you can empower your sales team with the ability to offer customized discounts based on buyer profiles, purchase history, and market conditions. With configurable discount modules, you can incentivize sales without compromising profitability.

Cost Sheets and Payment Plans:

Utilize advanced cost sheet management features to create transparent and customizable payment plans for buyers. With real-time visibility into payment schedules and automated reminders, you can improve buyer communication and ensure smoother cash flow management.

Tips: With Relata, you can generate a cost sheet with calculations based on leads' choice of unit. Customize payment plans according to project offers.

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