Personalized Property Viewing: The Power of Guided VSG Tours by Relata

Personalized Property Viewing: The Power of Guided VSG Tours by Relata

The effectiveness of the personalized selling approach as a marketing tactic cannot be overstated. Its ability to cater to individual preferences not only enhances customer satisfaction but also leads to a significant boost in sales. Especially when it comes to real estate sales, customers crave tailored, individualistic buying experiences.

Every buyer has distinct preferences, and every property is unique. That's why the concept of personalized property viewings holds great significance. At Relata, we believe in elevating the customer experience, and that’s why we have engineered guided VSG tours to redefine property exploration. Virtual tours are already changing the real estate dynamics, and our guided VSG tours are making property visualization even more superior.

Importance of Personalization in Property Viewing Experiences

In a world where customization is key, guided virtual tours are an absolute game changer. It helps in crafting a personalized property visualization experience for home buyers. Guided virtual tours are not only beneficial for home buyers but also for real estate developers. The personalized and interactive nature of these real estate tours helps real estate professionals understand customer preferences better and ultimately build stronger connections with buyers. It eliminates the problems and limitations of virtual tours. 

Relata's property visualization tools are built to provide realistic property exploration with VR. We are upgrading the property exploration experience for homebuyers with virtual real estate tours. At Relata, we understand the importance of personalization. That’s why we have a Relata Presales suite for real estate, which comes with the Guided VSG Tour feature. This helps real estate professionals connect with property buyers one-on-one and give homebuyers a personalized experience. Regular virtual tour platforms often use Zoom or Google Meet to connect with buyers to showcase properties, which are not as effective as our guided VSG tours. 

Guided VSG Tours: A Closer Look

Interactive VSG Guided Tour:

With the aim of providing a customized property showcasing experience digitally, Relata offers guided demo tours for every project. This interactive feature not only accelerates the homebuyers’ decision-making process but also infuses a human touch into the virtual tour, fostering a deeper connection with the property. Utilizing these interactive virtual tours for real estate, real estate builders can provide a personalized property viewing experience to all. 

Relata Guided VSG Tour

Sales Collaterals Integration:

The Sales Gallery feature of Guided VSG Tours consolidates marketing collaterals in various formats, providing comprehensive insights to prospective buyers. From brochures to virtual walkthroughs, every piece of information is seamlessly amalgamated, enriching the buyer's journey.

Website Embed Code:

Elevate your website's appeal by embedding virtual property tours directly into it. This integration captivates visitors, offering them a glimpse into the property's charm without navigating away from your site.

Online Shareable Link:

All that a real estate sales agent needs to do is share a web link with the prospective homebuyers. With the link, potential customers can take virtual tours of the project at their convenience, guided by real estate professionals for an individualistic experience. This accessibility fosters engagement and empowers buyers to explore properties effortlessly. Relata focuses on accelerating customer convenience, and with these engaging property viewing experiences, that’s become possible. 

Lead Collection Integration:

Real estate builders can seamlessly collect customer details through the integrated lead collection form in This streamlined process ensures that every lead is captured, facilitating efficient follow-ups and nurturing potential clients.

Relata's real estate visualization solutions eliminate all the limitations associated with VR tours for real estate. Our guided VSG tours make immersive real estate viewing experiences and interactive property walkthroughs even more superior by adding a touch of personalization.

The Impact of Guided VSG Tours

The benefits of guided VSG tours extend beyond mere customer convenience. They foster unparalleled customer engagement, enabling real estate agents to showcase properties with finesse. With our guided VSG solution, closing international deals is also a piece of cake. Dosti Realty's remarkable success, securing over 200 NRI client bookings, stands as a testament to the efficacy of Relata's innovative approach.

Guided VSG Tours by Relata represent the pinnacle of personalized property viewing experiences. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, embracing innovation is paramount. With Relata's real estate visualization suite, real estate professionals can offer personalized real estate viewing solutions to their prospective customers. Guided virtual tours for property showcasing are the latest upgrade that every builder needs for their real estate projects. With Relata's visionary solutions, the power of personalized property viewing is within reach. Join us in redefining real estate experiences, one virtual tour at a time. We believe in bringing interactive touch and collaborating technology with human expertise. Our guided VR tours exactly combine the expertise of the expertise of real estate professionals with the magic of immersive property viewing. 

Intrigued? Explore the potential of guided VSG tours for your next real estate endeavors; book a demo today!

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