Visualisation in Real Estate : A Stale Tale gets a Makeover!

Visualisation in Real Estate : A Stale Tale gets a Makeover!

Human beings are visual creatures, as someone rightfully said, every picture narrates a story and each image is worth thousands of words. People believe what they see, it is safe to say our world is driven by visual cues. Whether it's the realm of design and art or the polar opposite technologies with visuals we try to understand and interpret things further. The Real Estate industry is no exception here, visuals play a vital role in the world of property estate. The industry is mostly habituated to sharing static images or videos with potential buyers as a way of showcasing the property. With time, as the real estate market evolves, it is also catching up with technology. The use of new visualization tools brought fruitful results to the industry. 

The conventional way and how it impacted customer experience

Traditional shared static property images and poor videos by brokers and realtors fail to capture complete architectural details of the estate. This inefficiency of information causes trouble for both buyers and sellers, where the seller can't showcase his beautifully designed property properly, the buyer is often left confused with an unsatisfactory property exploration experience. The absence of new-age visual components in the estate industry makes buyers' journeys chaotic and creates roadblocks in sellers' business. Incorporating visual elements like 3D images, 360-degree tours, VR/AR integrations, drone views, interactive virtual sales galleries, and more doesn't just solve these issues, it also elevates sales to new heights. 

So, whats new in the market?

With the infusion of modern visualization components, the industry is getting a never-seen makeover,  leaving behind the days of lacklustre property videos that dulled the experience previously. The whole purpose of visuals is to guide the buyer in selecting their dream property with the right exposure to accurate information. There are different sets of visual components depicting different purposes. Here we discuss the top industry favourite element of visualization, which is to change the game. 

3D Images

Today's real estate market stands apart from traditional practices by choosing enhanced customer experience as the priority. Where static images fall short of delivering real architectural value, the latest integration of 3D images of the property as well as 3D floor plan layouts makes the customer's exploration journey a lot easier. With these comprehensive sets of visual features, customer experience, and engagement both rise side by side. 


360-degree 3D visualization is like sparkling life to the inanimate property. With the help of a 360-degree tour addition on property showcasing, one can take a virtual tour of the property from any corner of the world. The 3D interactive property tour is like adding a layer of excitement to showcase your project. Through an advanced image rendering process, an identical 3D representation of the property is generated to provide customers the opportunity to virtually experience every corner of the site with easy navigation. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The synergy of virtual reality and augmented reality creates a new dimension in the world of estate visualization. It helps in enabling 3D visualization in a completely immersive way. VR/AR integration adds reality in the reality realm. It allows buyers to picture the property realistically. Property buying is a big investment especially if it's a home the emotional connection increases and the latest visualization element of VR/AR integration makes buyers' property exploration journey far more engaging and realistic.

Drone Views

Drone views add new dimensions to property exploration. The airborne angles perfectly capture every nitty gritty detail of the property location and its surroundings. It offers a panoramic view which enhances the quality of visualising a property and surely adds more dimensions to how we see and explore a property. 

UHD images videos

Gone are the days when property buyers had to scroll through the sea of blurry images and poor-quality videos before investing in one of them. The latest set of visualization tools also includes ultra-high-definition images and videos. With clearer images, buyers can have a better understanding of the property. Realtors now can showcase their estate assets in a more defined way with UHD videos.

Relata Visualisation : A Paradigm Shift

Real Estate has already leaped, it is embracing the latest technology by incorporating it into asset visualization. Numbers are the ultimate currency in the realty world, it welcomes changes based on the impact of solutions and Relata is making quite a buzz as the revolutionizing force in the world of real estate visualization. Relata's visualization components have proven to be a technical marvel for top developers, resulting in 200+ NRI bookings, a 5% decrease in CPL, a significant 12.75% reduction in CPQL, and an outstanding 23.75% drop in CPA. You can consider Virtual Sales Gallery as the passport to your dream property tour. Relata is on a mission to bridge the gap between reality and reality with the physical solution of 360-degree tours and the latest easy-to-navigate AR/VR integration.  Relata’s visualization component is a complete package that includes 360 degree guided tours with screen synchronisation as well as  interactive master plans, and floor plans but also HD video and image gallery integration. Whether taking customers on an immersive property tour or making their property exploration journey easier with an easy Marketing collateral solution, Relata is the ultimate visual weapon to transform and elevate the exploration journey into an unparalleled experience. It is safe to say that Relata is the wise choice for giving detailed presentations and increasing customer engagement.

As the real estate industry keeps growing towards achieving more medals, incorporating technology is the fastest way to climb to the top of the ladder. Visuals have always played a vital role here and they always will but now the realty market has the power to play and expand at its full potential by incorporating the latest new-age visualization tools. Whether it's Relata’s 360-degree tour or the enchanting integration of VR and AR, these elements are sure to heighten customer engagement. The next chapter of real estate begins with the magical power of  Relata visualization. 

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