Smart Inventory Control: Tips for a Flawless Operations with Relata

Smart Inventory Control: Tips for a Flawless Operations with Relata

A successful real estate business requires a lot of strategic planning and management; one such important task is managing inventories. It is the backbone of real estate operations, ensuring smooth transactions and satisfied customers. Managing inventories is not a child’s play; in the dynamic landscape of property dealings, challenges often arise, from inventory availability woes to tracking complications. 

Today in this blog, we explore some expert tips for you to control your inventory strategically. Without doing any further adieu, let's first identify the common problems of inventory management in real estate.

Challenges in Inventory Management

Common confusion about inventory availability:

In the sprawling landscape of available properties, it's all too easy for units to slip through the cracks. While managing so many inventories at a time, it is more than common for realtors to get confused and make mistakes while listing. In the chaos of navigating through numerous listings, clients may find themselves needing more opportunities, ultimately leaving them feeling dissatisfied and overlooked.

Absence of Tracking Tools:

Traditional inventory monitoring methods, characterized by their rigidity and lack of adaptability, struggle to provide the level of precision and responsiveness necessary for effective inventory management. As a result, businesses grapple with inefficiencies and errors that impede their operational effectiveness. Because of the unavailability of tracking measures, often realtors face problems such as double booking, which leads to booking cancellations and the loss of clients.

Other complexities:

Other common issues that come alongside inventory bookings are EOI generation or KYC documentation. . Each step of the process, from collecting buyer information to verifying documents, requires meticulous attention to detail. Manual handling of EOIs and KYC documentation can lead to delays in the booking process, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and potentially lost sales opportunities.

Now that we are aware of the problems related to real estate inventory management, let's dig deeper and explore the expert tips to overcome these issues. First things first, to manage inventories strategically, you must include technology in your operational process, and while choosing the technology, a few things need to be monitored. According to industry experts, these are the top features that you must look out for when managing inventories smartly. 

Suggestions and Tips to Manage Inventory like a Pro-

Centralized Inventory Database:

Maintain a centralized database containing detailed information about all available properties. This can help to deal with confusion and errors related to inventory availability. Realtors can manage and control inventory availability easily with the help of this. 

Tip: If you are also looking for a tool to help you with an inventory database, the best option to go for would be Relata’s inventory suite, which comes with an inventory lifecycle management feature. 
With Relata, implement a systematic approach for managing inventory throughout its lifecycle, from acquisition to allocation and sale. This ensures optimal utilization and prevents oversights.

Strategically Increase Customer Satisfaction with Smart Inventory Control

Inventory Tracking:

Implement a system to track the movement of inventory from acquisition to sale. This could involve assigning unique identifiers to each property and tracking changes in status or ownership.

Tip: With Relata’s Inventory Tracking feature, you can leverage Relata's advanced tracking tools to monitor inventory movements in real-time, enabling quick decision-making and proactive adjustments. 

Customization options:

Realtors should have control over their inventories so that they can plan and showcase properties that they want according to their schedule. The liberty to customize can empower real estate developers with multiple benefits.

Tip: Relata’s Smart Filters for Inventory let realtors customize filters to refine inventory searches, making it easier to match properties with client requirements and preferences seamlessly. It can further help to search functionalities within Relata to swiftly identify relevant inventory based on client preferences, location, price range, and more. 


Keep thorough documentation for each property, including legal documents, floor plans, photographs, and any relevant permits or certifications. 

Tip: Relata’s wide range of product solutions includes EOI filters as well as an applicant KYC feature to simplify the documentation process and increase transparency. 

Book your Demo for Relata Inventory Management Suite

Real estate inventory management requires advanced tech tools to streamline the operational hassle, and Relata inventory solutions are engineered to solve the problems. Ready to revolutionize your real estate inventory management? Schedule a demo with Relata Inventory Suite today and unlock the power of smart inventory control tailored to your needs. Relata overcomes inventory management challenges with ease, ensuring flawless operations and delighted clients.

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