The Art of Selling Real Estate: Leveraging Relata's Visualization Suite for Maximum Impact

The Art of Selling Real Estate: Leveraging Relata's Visualization Suite for Maximum Impact

In today's real estate landscape, the property development industry is now more than just bricks and mortar. Beyond the tangible structures, real estate embodies the act of infusing artistic magic into every brick of property. Today's real estate developers know the importance of visualization because just building a property that is architecturally brilliant is not enough. To effectively market real estate projects, showcasing the intricacies of the buildings exactly as they are is essential. For successful real estate sales, transparency in showcasing the property allows buyers to fully appreciate its value and potential.

At Relata, we understand this fundamental truth of today’s real estate market. That is why we crafted the Relata Visualization Suite, which harnesses the power of immersive visuals (AR and VR), revolutionizing the way properties are showcased and sold.

The Art of Selling Real Estate: Understanding the Power of Visualization

Visual aids have long been recognized as powerful tools in the realm of real estate sales. From static images to videos, the real estate industry is well equipped with these visual mediums to showcase their properties. But as technology evolved, the real estate industry also demanded better visualization sources to present their real estate projects’s architectural brilliance to property buyers. This is exactly where the virtual reality (VR) integration came into the picture.

Relata, one of India’s most innovative proptech platforms, created the ultimate visualization suite specifically built to accelerate real estate sales. This transforms the mundane world of real estate into captivating narratives, allowing buyers to envision themselves in their future homes with our world-class 360-degree tours and other stunning visual features.

The art of selling real estate has a deep relationship with storytelling. It's about crafting a compelling tale that speaks to the aspirations, dreams, and desires of those seeking their perfect home. Through visual storytelling, real estate professionals can tap into the power of human connection, creating a lasting impression that transcends mere facts and figures. With Relata's Visualization Suite, the art of selling real estate reaches new heights, elevating the selling process to unprecedented levels of engagement and impact. Let's find out how.

Tips on creating compelling visual narratives with Relata Visualization Suite

Sneak Peek into Future Real Estate: Next-Gen Property Preview:

Our virtual sales gallery is the ultimate destination to feature every facet of your project. This is the ultimate tool for real estate visualization. Showcase every intricate detail as well as marketing collateral for the real estate project here. From detailed project insights to captivating visuals, the VSG ensures comprehensive and engaging property exploration for home buyers.

At Relata, we understand the uniqueness of each project and, hence, believe in the power of customization. Leverage the flexibility of Relata's VSG Templates Library, ensuring that your presentations are not just informative but uniquely crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Immersive Phygital Property Tour

With Relata's cutting-edge technology, you can now create a digital twin of your real estate project. Real estate 3D modeling on budget is no longer a challenge with Relata; our interactive 3D tour and 360-degree virtual experience bring your project to life. Relata's Immersive Unit Walkthrough helps buyers explore future homes from the comfort of their place.

Relata Virtual Tours

Unlike other real estate virtual tours, Relata VSG comes with an Auto VR feature that allows a smooth, hands-free 360-degree tour with customized speed and rotation, ensuring smooth and enjoyable exploration for buyers.

Alongside this, buyers can also enjoy Relata's Floorwise Balcony View feature, which lets them experience panoramic scenery from every tower floor of your real estate project, offering unprecedented clarity. Our innovative approach narrows the gap between physical and digital visits, enhancing convenience and informed decision-making.

Dynamic Master Plan Design with User-Friendly Navigation

Our Interactive Master Plan is user-friendly and eliminates complex navigation problems. We bring everything to property buyers' fingertips so that they can engage with your real estate at any time. 

Relata VSG for Outdoor View

It is time you bid farewell to traditional navigation hassles and welcome this intuitive hover-and-switch navigation approach with Relata’s Floorplan & Unit Plan Navigation feature. Simply hover over any section within the property modules, and voilà, you can instantly switch to explore different areas.

Streamlined Visual Integration

Home buyers seek convenience, and at Relata, we make sure that you can elevate your customer convenience at every step and get one step closer to closing the deal.
From video collaborations to image gallery integration, everything is in one place. Alongside HD videos and picturesque project images, our visualization suite also offers PDF integration to elevate your sales presentations to a whole new level. Now you can transform ordinary brochures and marketing collateral into captivating, dynamic assets and interactive presentations.

These features might not be enough to convince you that with the Relata Visualization Suite, you can have the maximum impact on your sales, but surely our success numbers can.

Relata Visualization Suite to Maximize Real Estate Sales

Case Study 1: Dosti Realty

Relata's VSG feature has transformed the customer journey at Dosti Realty, offering immersive flat tours. This benefit is particularly valuable for clients unable to visit the site in person, providing them with a realistic sense of their future homes.

The analytics from Relata Visualization empowered Dosti Realty with valuable insights into client preferences, providing a deep understanding of their interests and engagement time within sample flats.

Impact: With the latest VSG integration, Dosti has expanded its client base to include 200+ NRI clients.

Case Study 2: The House of Hiranandani

The Virtual Sales Gallery (VSG) helped merge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Prospective buyers residing afar could now easily take interactive 3D tours and 360-degree walkthroughs in their dream houses, successfully lowering the cost per lead (CPL) for the House of Hiranandani.

Relata Product Suite for The House of Hiranandani

Impact: The implementation of VSG decreased the average turnaround time from 120 days to 90 days, enhancing efficiency. The use of VSG and analytics helped HOH achieve an impressive 5% reduction in cost per lead.

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, the power of real estate visualization has become an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to captivate buyers and close deals. The real estate industry has come a long way from blurry images of the project to today's real estate virtual tours, and we can only expect to see further growth in the industry. The brilliant minds at Relata are working tirelessly to make this immersive real estate experience even more brilliant.

With its cutting-edge features, customizable templates, and seamless integration, Relata's suite offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking to elevate their sales strategies and engage with buyers like never before. So, why settle for traditional marketing methods when you can harness the art of visual storytelling with Relata?
Curious to know more? Book a demo with us today and join us in this journey of the real estate revolution. 

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