A Deep Dive into Relata VSG Analytics: Features and Benefits

 A Deep Dive into Relata VSG Analytics: Features and Benefits

Real estate virtual tours are preferred by 40.4% of Indian homebuyers for making home-buying decisions. VR tours in real estate are redefining industry standards. Relata is known for delivering world-class visualization solutions through its 360-degree walkthroughs or digital twin of your real estate project. Relata is always on a mission to bring advanced features that will further make real estate experiences more seamless. One such advanced element of Relata Virtual Tours is VSG analytics, meaning analytics for real estate virtual tours. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the features and benefits of Relata VSG Analytics and explore how it can transform your sales and marketing strategies.

What exactly is Relata VSG Analytics?

It is basically a report of all the data that the system collects when a homebuyer opts for a real estate virtual tour using the Relata Visualization Suite. This data is extremely important in understanding homebuyers needs, preferences, and desires deeply. Who doesn’t like personalized treatment? But it gets difficult for real estate professionals to accumulate the amount of time and effort required for individualistic experience in real estate.
This is exactly where technology comes into play. With the help of Relata virtual tour analytics, it is possible to peek through a homebuyer's mind and give them the personalized experience that they deserve.

Relata VSG Analytics Benefits

The Power of Relata VSG Analytics

Better Engagement and Satisfaction:

Once the homebuyers take a virtual tour of your real estate project through the Relata visualization suite, you can now pinpoint all the places where they have spent the most and least amount of time. With this available data, it gets easier to understand preferences and behavior, and by understanding what your homebuyers are looking for, real estate businesses can create more personalized and relevant interactions, hence increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Increased Sales Efficiency and Conversion Rates:

A homebuyer who is spending more time in the living room, and you get to know that from the backend data you collected from the real estate virtual tour, it should help you curate a sales pitch that is more personalized to the homebuyer's needs and preferences. This feature is truly game-changing and can help real estate professionals close sales deals faster, increasing conversion rates.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

With the help of Relata VR analytics, real estate professionals can make more informed decisions. By analyzing user engagement and behavior, real estate developers can identify which properties are generating the most interest and why. This data-driven approach allows them to focus their efforts on properties with the highest potential for sale, optimizing their portfolios for maximum returns.

Competitive Advantage:

Real estate virtual tours are nothing new at this point, but to stay ahead of your competitors, you need advanced features that will make your real estate virtual tours stand out from the competition. Relata VR tours not only excel in visualization but also provide analytics, which is extremely helpful for the internal sales team to close a deal faster or to provide your customers with unique experiences.

Relata VSG Analytics: Features You Must Know About

Relata VSG Analytics

VSG Exploration and View Analytics

Relata VSG Analytics tracks user interactions within VSGs, scene by scene, providing granular insights into what captures their interest. This feature helps real estate professionals understand the silent needs and expectations of leads, allowing for more personalized and effective engagement strategies.

Team Performance Analytics

Understanding the performance of your sales and marketing teams is crucial. Relata VSG Analytics offers comprehensive performance metrics, including site visits and VSG interactions. This data helps identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring that your teams operate at peak efficiency.

Lead Data Collection

Collecting detailed information about leads who take virtual tours is essential for targeted follow-ups. Relata VSG Analytics provides robust lead data collection tools, capturing key information to help your sales team convert prospects into customers more effectively.

Relata VSG Analytics Success Stories

Our success numbers are the biggest testament to our product suite. One notable example would be from the House of Hiranandani. Since implementing Relata VSG Analytics, they have seen a remarkable reduction in their average turnaround time, from 120 days to just 90 days. This improvement underscores the power of advanced analytics in streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

The power of data is undeniable, and the synergy of both data and visualization is a sure-fire formula for real estate success. With relentless research, we plan to make every real estate tech solution stand out further. Relata VSG Analytics is poised to transform how real estate businesses operate and succeed. Book a small demo with us to learn more about our real estate offerings.

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