Digitize Onsite Property Launch with Relata

Digitize Onsite Property Launch with Relata

The prosperity of a real estate project rests on various elements, and a pivotal move is executing a compelling onsite property launch. One that not only draws a good amount of crowd but also earns its spot in the headlines for all the right reasons. In a property buyer’s journey, visiting the site during the launch is essential, and managing the crowd while giving them a proper tour of the project is kind of challenging.

Visiting the site during the launch is a pivotal phase in the property buyer's journey. Yet, the challenge lies in efficiently handling the crowd and ensuring they receive a thorough tour of the project. The chaos and challenges faced during these events can impact customer experiences and, consequently, conversion rates. Relata identified the crux of the challenges and understood that technology is the antidote here. Relata's Onsite Suite is here to revolutionize the age-old onsite property launch experience.

Our solution is intricately designed to address the myriad challenges often encountered during onsite property launches. With Relata, you can embark on a journey of property launch digitization, offering a sophisticated approach to crowd management and elevating customer experiences.

Navigating Through Onsite Property Launch Challenges: The Relata Approach

Haphazard Management

Without Relata

On-site engagement using traditional methods lacks efficiency, exacerbated by the absence of technology in crowd management practices. The manual assignment of leads and site visit management results in delays, adding complexity and tedium for both real estate agents and visitors.

With Relata

With the digitization of your onsite property launch, managing the crowd is just a piece of cake. Whether it's assigning leads or differentiating fresh leads from a revisit, everything can be easily done with the Relata Onsite Suite feature set.

Limited Sourcing Data and Lack of Engagement

Without Relata

One of the biggest challenges that real estate builders struggle with during onsite property launches is the lack of insights into customer behavior. The sheer volume of people, combined with minimal data, creates a challenging scenario for agents to provide a personalized and engaging experience to visitors.

With Relata

The Relata Onsite Suite now specializes in data handling and data management, so getting accurate data and insights on customer profiles and behavior becomes easier. With the right amount of data present, real estate agents can now give more personalized and engaging experiences to visitors.

The stress of managing onsite property launches manually

Heavy Paperwork Confusion

Without Relata

Onsite property launches are marred by an excess of paperwork, creating a bewildering environment for visitors. The intricate documentation process proves to be a significant hurdle, causing confusion and detracting from the overall on-site property exploration. The absence of a streamlined solution leads to a less efficient and more complex experience for potential buyers.

With Relata

In the era of digital transformation, the true essence lies in minimizing paperwork, and Relata's Onsite Suite is the epitome of this revolution. With the contemporary lifestyle tethered to mobile devices, Relata has redefined the onsite property launch, making it confusion-free and effortlessly paperless.

No real-time updates

Without Relata

During traditional onsite property launches, the manual approach fails to deliver real-time updates and insights into customer journeys. This creates a barrier between real estate agents and property buyers and ultimately affects the seller's strategy.

With Relata

Among all the amazing features One of the standout qualities of the Relata Onsite Suite is that real estate agents can get real-time updates with it. It helps them with curating strategies, which ultimately help in closing deals faster.

So, it's clear how powerful Relata Onsite Suite is and how it can transform your next property launch event. Relata Onsite Suite has 10+ groundbreaking features; let's take a closer look at them.

Relata Onsite Suite Features

Digital Site Visit with OTP Verification

Experience the future of site visits with our user-friendly, OTP-verified mechanism. Transform the way customers explore your site, ensure a secure and engaging experience, and track every customer movement with ease.

QR-Based Revisit Management

Your convenience is our priority! Easily differentiate between fresh leads and revisits with our QR code system. A user-friendly solution ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Automated Lead Handover

Assign leads to close managers automatically based on revisits and current available CMs. Streamline onsite lead management with ease.

Site Milestone Tracking

Track lead and sales executive progress across different points in the site, like the AV room, scale models, sample flats, and more, for a site visit.

Track your Lead Progress with Simple QR Based Mechanism

Real-Time Site Traffic Analysis

Gain insights into your site visits with real-time traffic analysis, distinguishing patterns between weekdays and weekends. This detailed analysis extends to different lead sources, providing a nuanced perspective.

Different Apps for Site Roles

Based on job profiles, there are different apps for individuals to manage operations. These apps are designed for site teams like GRE/Receptionists, Sourcing Managers, Closing Managers, Site Heads, Presales and Tele-calling Teams, CRM Teams, Cluster Heads, etc.

Initiate Expression of Interest (EoI)

With just a click, sales managers can effortlessly generate a digital expression of interest for customers. That’s how effortless the operational process becomes with Relata digitization.

Add EOI Payments in Parts

Another advantage is the flexibility of adding part payments during the sales and collection process.

EOI Generation with Relata Onsite Suite

Unit Selection and Availability

The system allows sales managers to cherry-pick available inventories tailored to buyers' specific requirements. This feature streamlines the selection process, ensuring a seamless match between buyer preferences and available units.

Automated Quick-Discounting

It offers hierarchy-based quick discount mechanisms for sales managers. Experience unparalleled speed in discounting decisions, coupled with foolproof approval mechanisms. This feature brings efficiency and governance to the forefront of your sales operations, setting a new standard for excellence.

Simplified Applicant Setup

Our system empowers you to add more applicants for EOIs or bookings with a mere click of buttons, tailored to your unique interaction with our Sales Manager.

Unit Allotment Payments in Parts

We understand the significance of financial flexibility in a real estate journey. Post-unit allotment, our unique system allows buyers to make payments in parts, ensuring a smoother and more manageable financial experience.

Easy Unit Selection Process

Step Completion Criteria

Configure the percentage of part payments and the specific status that marks a payment step as "safe to proceed." This critical criterion ensures a seamless and secure progression through the payment process.

Why should you digitize your next on-site property launch with Relata?

Digitizing onsite property launches brings unprecedented efficiency, eliminating the chaos associated with traditional launches. The shift to digital also fosters a more personalized experience for potential buyers, addressing the limitations of traditional, paper-heavy approaches. Relata's onsite suite has proven to reduce the turnaround time, increase sales closer rates, and most importantly, streamline the entire operational process smoothly.

Our numbers are the biggest testament to our success. Here is a sneak peek into our recent success story and the top real estate developers and builders who benefited from using Relata Onsite Suite. -

The Result

The Guardians:

Achieved a 41% increase in onsite productivity, enhancing customer experiences and accelerating conversions.

Dosti Realty:

With Relata's Onsite Suite, Dosti Realty eliminated human errors from 40 percent to 0 percent. It also witnessed a significant 75% reduction in the overall process time, now completed in just 15 minutes. It also helped them achieve a faster transition; 45,000 telecalls translated into a staggering 9,523 site visits, and the process further led to 1,613 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and an outstanding 1,200+ bookings.

In essence, the digitization of onsite property launches doesn't just keep up with the times; it sets a new standard for efficiency, engagement, and overall success in the real estate industry. Relata's Onsite Suite isn't just a product; it's a revolution in onsite property launches.

The outstanding feature set can make your next onsite property launch event an extraordinary success tale. The future of automation is here; it's your time to embrace it with Relata.

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