The Era of AI Powered Engagement in Real Estate Industry

The Era of AI Powered Engagement in Real Estate Industry

Our era, the 21st century, will go down in history for its remarkable technological progress, reshaping the world around us. Technology has reshaped the way humans interact forever, it has made communication easier, faster, and simpler. The landscape of daily interactions is being redefined by cutting-edge technological innovations. The addition of chatbots, in particular, offers a plethora of benefits.

The use and adaptation of chatbots in every type of industry has increased significantly. Across the globe, over 1.4 billion people are using chatbots for sales. Today's business tycoons want to climb the ladder to success as fast as they can and there are two simple rules for all businesses for that. One is to increase revenue and customer base and the second is to optimize tasks. AI powered virtual assistance takes care of both of them. A happy customer base lifts the hope for extending the customer reach further. These are also emerging as indispensable tools for optimizing tasks. So, what are Virtual Assistants? What makes it so special? To answer all these in one line think of virtual assistant as your AI companion, ready to address your business queries and beyond. When all industries are embracing the use of chatbots, the Real Estate market cannot be left behind. Personal bonds and connections are the pillars of this industry, and that is why smart virtual assistants’ presence in real tech strengthens customer relationships far and beyond.

For an industry like Real Estate, a lot depends upon communication, home buyers rely upon brokers to get details about their dream property. But it needs to be addressed that there is a broken chain in the communication process, for more than one reason virtual assistants are extremely important to fill this gap in interactions for the realty state market. Today in this blog, we discuss how real estate virtual assistants can benefit realty ecosystem.

Uninterrupted 24X7 Customer support with Virtual Assistants

Buying a property is a major decision in life therefore it's obvious to have many questions before making the right choice. However, brokers are not available 24/7 to attend to customer queries. Property buyers' questions are often left unanswered since real estate agents handle a high volume of clients at a time, clients often find themselves with limited interaction time, resulting in an unengaged buyer's journey. This is a major vacuum in the communication process and this is where your virtual assistant steps in.

AI powered virtual assistants are like real estate guides with all the answers and round-the-clock assistance. These bots have made real estate communication so much easier. It has also made interactions transparent. Property buyers can pop any questions related to the specific real estate project at any time to these virtual assistants and they will have the answers for it. These bots are built in a way that can incense customer engagement with the platform and the project further. The massively growing real tech market is adding new features to these AI virtual assistants every day making it even more efficient. So in short it fosters a sense of reliability and increases customer satisfaction.

Time Efficient Effortless Assistance

The modern age virtual assistants can handle multiple clients at a time without making any errors. They not only indulge in solving customer queries but are also capable enough to share links, important documents, and much more. With a keen focus on rectifying a prevalent issue in the real estate domain, virtual assistants are built to solve prompt actions a key element often lacking in the industry.

With the help of virtual assistants, clients can easily get access to essential resources related to the property in the blink of an eye. These bots not only save time for the customers but also for the real estate agents. With the help of virtual assistants real-time assistance now the agents can focus on further important areas and work towards closing a deal faster. 

Analytics from Conversations

Realty tech has changed many aspects of the property development market for good surprisingly analytics has remained an untouched subject previously due to a lack of tools. Now that the industry is enjoying the boon of technology it's time to relish the power of analytics. So, the AI powered virtual assistants are a great medium for the realtors and the property development team to understand the customer.

It is like an open source to keep track of customer queries and understand their needs and wants better. Imagine a sales pitch based on exactly highlighting the home buyer’s requirements and pain points, would not just solve all the problems? That is exactly what analytics does, it empowers realtors. Moreover, AI virtual assistants simplify the process of analyzing customer profiles, providing valuable insights for more strategic decision-making based on comprehensive customer interaction analytics.

Multilingual Virtual Assistants

Distance is no longer a barrier in today's time but language was at least till a few years back. Our community is a diverse tapestry woven with individuals from various ethnic backgrounds and native languages. In India, we have more than 780 language speakers, in a linguistically diverse country like India language often becomes a roadblock in customers’ property exploration journey.

But if there is a problem, there comes a solution and this time solution is multilingual virtual assistants. These bots can understand and speak in many languages making communication simpler. They can both respond in voice and textual format in your preferred language and accent. Sounds quite intriguing right? Well Relata’s latest creation AI generative virtual assistants, Reiya can do the same. Reiya’s multilingual ability is not limited to this they can also understand voice commands given in 8+ international languages.

Reiya, is on of the smartest virtual assistants in the realty sector, there are several other things that Reiya is capable of, let's dissect more about it.

REIYA the Ultimate Realty Virtual Assistants

REIYA is just not an ordinary virtual assistants, it is like your smart real estate companion. REIYA can speak and understand 8+ international languages. REIYA offers both text and audio responses with your preferred accent. Customers can ask their real estate queries to REIYA at any time in their preferred language. REIYA can also share brochures, VR links, walkthrough videos, and opportunity documents with the home buyers making their journey smoother.

REIYA can easily be integrated with your real estate website and it can help the backend team know about the buyers' questions about the project by tracking user interactions and conversations for each session. With REIYA it is much more convenient to get analytics by topic and their corresponding questions via the backend AI system. REIYA's benefits are never-ending and Relata’s brilliant team is working relentlessly to add new features to make the generative virtual assistants stronger. 

The proptech industry has already started the next chapter of the Real Estate realm. virtual assistants are the latest addition contributing to the golden evolution of the property development market. virtual assistants simply make communication easier, interactions are no longer time or language-bound. This also gives customers the liberty to ask questions and be involved in personalized conversation in their own time. On the other hand, it empowers realty businesses with customer analytics. The most rewarding part about these real estate virtual assistants is they increase customer engagement. For better customer satisfaction it is high time to utilise REIYA at their full potential.

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